Navajo Handmade Sterling Silver Feather Earrings

Navajo Handmade Sterling Silver Feather Earrings


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These graceful sterling silver feather earrings were made by Rosita Singer.  She is the wife of the well-known jeweler, Tommy Singer, who passed away in 2014.  She signs her jewelry T & R Singer as she continues with his inspired designs.  These feathers are made by sawing out the shape of the feathers from a sheet of flat silver.  The bottom part is oxidized to turn it black.  The designs on the top part of sawed out by hand, with some designs stamped into the silver.  The two parts are then soldered together and gently made into a slightly bowed shape. 

Size: 3" H x .5" W

The eagle flies the highest and sees the furthest of all birds.  In some tribes it is the guardian of the sky world.  Eagle feathers are held sacred because the eagle takes our prayers to the Creator.  Native American people receive eagle feathers to honor them for their accomplishments, act of courage or bravery.