Zuni Inlaid Quetzal Pin/Pendant
Zuni Inlaid Quetzal Pin/Pendant

Zuni Inlaid Quetzal Pin/Pendant


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Quetzal birds are sacred to Indigenous people in Central America.  They are large and colorful birds, reaching over 13" at adulthood.  Zuni jewelers, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello, inlaid this pin/pendant using malachite, jet, and red coral for the body of the bird.  It sits on an inlaid malachite branch, with pale green leaves, a bushy red coral flower, and pink mussel shell flower bud.  It has a bale for a chain or 4mm beads and pin back to be worn two different ways.

Size: 1.5" Diameter

Nancy and Ruddell Laconsello are married Zuni jewelers who are well-known known for their intricate inlaid jewelry.  Working together, Ruddell crafts the silver work.  Nancy cuts the stones and does the inlay.  Ruddell finishes the pieces with etching the stones and polishing the finished treasure.

This type of Zuni inlay is made by sawing out two pieces of silver into the desired shape.  The area where the stones are inlaid are sawed out by hand (yes, really!).  The two pieces of silver are soldered together.  The stones are then cut, shaped, and placed into the areas that have been sawed out to create the design.  This type of jewelry making is difficult and involved, which is why we do not see too many jewelers making it anymore.