Navajo Bear Paw Pendant with Feathers

Navajo Bear Paw Pendant with Feathers


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Navajo jeweler, Annie Spencer, made this sterling silver shadowbox bear paw pendant and dropped two sterling silver feathers from the bottom.  She set a bright blue turquoise in the shadowbox.  Sweet!  More about bears and eagle feathers below.

Size: 1.75" L x .375" W

Bears are the guardians of the western gate in Zuni Pueblo.  They are associated with healing at all levels, protection, and a reminder to restore oneself during the winter months.  In some traditions a part of the bear is rubbed all over infants to imbue them with power, strength, and good health.

The eagle flies the highest and sees the furthest of all birds.  In some tribes it is the guardian of the sky world.  Eagle feathers are held sacred because the eagle takes our prayers to the Creator.  Native American people receive eagle feathers to honor them for their accomplishments, act of courage or bravery.