Hopi Overlay Pendant
Hopi Overlay Pendant

Hopi Overlay Pendant


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Hopi jeweler Loren Qumawunu made this sterling silver overlay pendant.  We have had this piece for many years and believe the image could be a bird or stag.  "Qumawunu" and hallmark on the back.  More about the process of overlay jewelry below.  Comes with 18" sterling silver chain.

Size: 1.75" H x .675" W

Overlay jewelry is made with two pieces of flat silver which is sawn into the shape of the finished piece.  The bottom piece is oxidized to turn it dark gray or black.  The images on the top piece are sawn out by hand and filed smooth.  The two pieces are soldered together and shaped into the finished piece, either a ring, earrings, pendant, or money clip.