Owl Pin by Michael Horse
Owl Pin by Michael Horse

Owl Pin by Michael Horse


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This sterling silver alert owl pin with bright turquoise eyes by Michael Horse sees everything.  With each marking stamped by hand, sitting on a branch it will survey your domain, 

Size: 2.25" H x 1.5" W

For many Indigenous people, owls are understood to be messengers from the next world.  They are mainly birds of the night and have keen vision to see both prey and predator.

Michael Horse is an award-winning Yaqui jeweler who uses high quality stones in his work including natural high grade turquoise, coral, lapis and more.  He is most well-known for the intricate katsinas he fabricates in his studio, and he is a master tufa carver.  He is also an award-winning ledger painter and actor with many roles in television and film.  Many people recognize from his role as Deputy Hawk in the ground-breaking Twin Peaks television series.