Sea & Sky Kewa Pueblo Earrings

Sea & Sky Kewa Pueblo Earrings


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Kewa Pueblo jeweler, Lupita Calabaza, used elements from the sea, and sky to create these earrings.  Shimmering Mother of Pearl from the sea and turquoise the color of the sky is inlaid onto shells the color of burnt orange.  There is a sterling silver turquoise strip below the inlaid stones.  They dangle from sterling silver wires.

Size: 2.25" H (includes wires) x 1" W

The people of Kewa Pueblo in New Mexico have been making these types of earrings for hundreds of years.  They would chip out the stone and shape it by rubbing it on sandstone for many hours and use tree pitch as an adhesive.  The shells were traded for by people living along the Sea of Cortez.