Strong Turquoise Corn Maiden
Strong Turquoise Corn Maiden

Strong Turquoise Corn Maiden


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This strong turquoise corn maiden was carved by Claudia Peina.  She inlaid jet eyes and a red coral mouth.  Her hair is cut in a traditional Zuni style and is long in the back.  More about Corn Maidens below.

Size: 2.25" H x .675" W

Corn maidens represent everything good about being a woman: strong, kind, compassionate, nurturing, and powerful.  There are many Indigenous stories about how corn was brought to the people at a time when there was hunger, and how a sacred, sometimes other worldly, female being brought them corn.  Corn maidens come with a card detailing the meaning, the carver, and the material they are carved from.

Traditionally, Zuni carvings are symbolically fed cornmeal.   Each Zuni fetish comes in a box with a descriptive card and a tiny bit of corn meal to tide them over until they reach you.