Tiny Opal Bushytail
Tiny Opal Bushytail
Tiny Opal Bushytail
Tiny Opal Bushytail

Tiny Opal Bushytail


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This tiny bushytail is carved from Australian opal and has inlaid turquoise eyes.  We had a hard time figuring what the stone was until we shined a lot on it and found streaks of brilliant color in a couple of places.  This itty bitty bushytail was in a collection of carvings we bought fifteen years ago that we rediscovered during our move this year.  Unfortunately, we don't who the carver is, but it is very well done!

Size: .75" H x .875" L x .25" W

Wolves, coyotes and foxes all look the same in the distance.  In Zuni there is a word that translates into "bushytail" in English.  You get to determine what this carving looks like to you!

Wolves are communal and live together in groups.  For some tribes, wolves are the guardians of the east, the direction of the new day, new beginnings, and new life.  The are extremely protective of their young and one another.  Wolves are also good communicators.  They have to be for the safety of the pack.

Coyotes feature prominently in many Native American tribes.  They are creator beings in some traditions with power.  Coyotes are oftentimes seen as beings who teach by showing the wrong way of doing things which can be humorous.  They can also be tricksters and give their teachings that way.  In the old cartoon “The Roadrunner”, Wiley Coyote was based on traditional Native American stories about coyotes.

Foxes are playful, clever, quick, and protective of their young.  They also mate for life and are indigenous to every continent except Antarctica.

Traditionally, Zuni carvings are symbolically fed cornmeal.   Each Zuni fetish comes in a box with a descriptive card and a tiny bit of corn meal to tide them over until they reach you.