Tufa Cast Dragonfly
Tufa Cast Dragonfly
Tufa Cast Dragonfly

Tufa Cast Dragonfly


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This tufa cast dragonfly by Michael Horse has a bright blue Bisbee turquoise on the body.  Comes with a 24" handmade sterling silver chain. 

Size: 3.5" H x 1.75" W x .5" D

Dragonflies are one of the only creatures that can fight while flying backward.  In some Indigenous traditions, dragonflies watch your back and are protectors.  You may have seen line drawings of a cross with an additional bar crossing the top as in this dragonfly.  It is depicted on war shield, war shirts and drawn on horses.  In other Indigenous traditions it is associated with transformation as it begins life in the water and then moves to land and air.

Tufa Jewelry: Tufa is a volcanic stone which can be as dense as chalk which has an organic texture. The first thing a jeweler does is examine a piece of tufa for any tiny fractures.  If it looks good, the tufa is cut in half and, if there is a design, it is carved into the tufa.   There is a pour hole carved into the top and several narrow vents carved into each side.  The two pieces are then bound together tightly and molten silver or gold is poured through the hole at the top.  If there are any microscopic cracks, the tufa explodes when the metal is poured in and the process has to begin again. 

Michael Horse is an award-winning Yaqui jeweler who uses high quality stones in his work including natural high grade turquoise, coral, lapis and more.  He is most well known for the intricate katsinas he fabricates in his studio, and he is a master tufa carver.  He is also an award-winning ledger painter and actor with many roles in television and film  Many people recognize from his role as Deputy Hawk in the ground breaking Twin Peaks television series.