Zuni Cedar Corn Maiden
Zuni Cedar Corn Maiden
Zuni Cedar Corn Maiden

Zuni Cedar Corn Maiden


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She is tall, stately and carved from cedar by Carl Etsate with inlaid turquoise eyes.  She is wearing a turquoise necklace, her body has carvings of corn kernals and other designs, as well as inlaid jet dots.  Her long hair goes all the way down her back.  And, she still has a bit of the cedar aroma.

Size: 5.6875" H x .75" L x .5" W

Corn maidens represent everything good about being a woman: strong, kind, compassionate, nurturing and powerful.  There are many Indigenous stories about how corn was brought to the people at a time when there was hunger, and how a sacred, sometimes other worldly, female being brought them corn.

We like to give corn maiden sisters to the sisters in our families and the sisters we create as move through life to show them that we "have their backs" as our relationship continues to weave together.

Each Zuni fetish comes in a box with a descriptive card and a tiny bit of corn meal to tide them over until they reach you.