Zuni Handmade Natural Red Coral Pendant

Zuni Handmade Natural Red Coral Pendant


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Zuni jeweler, Carlene Hattie, made this sterling silver pendant with fourteen natural red coral stones in a water drop shape.  Each coral is set in a tiny saw-tooth bezel which is soldered onto an oxidized sheet of silver to turn it black.  Between each coral is a sterling silver ball.  The bale is big enough for a wider chain or 2mm beads.  Since coral is made of hundreds and hundreds of tiny sea creatures, you will be wearing a community of beings from the ocean to remind you that water is life!

Size: 2.5" H x 1.5" W

Unfortunately, natural red coral is becoming more scarce and has been rising in price for the last ten years or so.  As we know, as the seas warm due to climate change, the corals are turning white and dying.  The red coral from the Mediterranean, which is where this coral is possibly from, has been protected - which is a good thing!  It takes many years for coral to grow to a size that it can be cut into "stones" and used in jewelry.  Most of the natural red coral available now has been out of the water for a long time.  Read more about natural red coral HERE.