Zuni Needlepoint Chandelier Earrings

Zuni Needlepoint Chandelier Earrings


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These earrings by Zuni jeweler, M. Dishta, move gracefully when you move your head or when the wind brushes against your neck.  They begin at the top with five slender needlepoint Sleeping Beauty turquoise rays coming out from the silver silver dot in the center.  The next level is five more slender needlepoint pieces which widen slightly into a fan.  Moving down to the third level we find seven slender needlepoint pieces, also widening slightly into a fan.  At the fourth level we see nine slender needlepoint pieces widening out slightly once again.  The fifth level are seven dangles, each one ending with a slender needlepoint Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone.  These dangles represent rain, which we know life cannot exist without.

Size: 3.5" L x 1" W

Each needlepoint stone is wrapped in its own silver bezel which is carefully shaped to fit each stone and then soldered onto the silver back which has been cut out into the desired shape.  Each stone is hand cut and shaped into the needlepoint.  And, each ring to attach the next piece is also soldered close.