Absolutely Gorgeous Tufa Cast Naja

Absolutely Gorgeous Tufa Cast Naja


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This tufa cast naja was made by Navajo silversmith Kevin Yazzie.  It has graceful, yet strong lines.  The three arrow points at the top are polished to a high sheen and make a very cool contrast to the organic texture of the organic texture from the tufa.  The hook on the back cannot be seen from the front, and can be hooked onto your favorite necklace or chain.  The beads do not come with it.  This is one of the most beautiful tufa cast najas we've ever seen!   Najas are worn by women and men.  More about najas and tufa cast jewelry below.

Size: 3" H x 2" W

Najas are a prominent symbol in Navajo jewelry and are always the center piece in squash blossom necklaces.  I was told they are a feminine symbol, and their crescent shape represents the arms of a matriarch and the generations of the past and future.  It symbolizes ease of movement, paths of least resistance for the family, even during challenging times.  There is a sense of open arms in the shape of the naja that is soothing.  Some najas have hands on each end.

Tufa Jewelry: Tufa is a volcanic stone which can be as dense as chalk which has an organic texture. The first thing a jeweler does is examine a piece of tufa for any tiny fractures.  If it looks good, the tufa is cut in half and, if there is a design, it is carved into the tufa.   There is a pour hole carved into the top and several narrow vents carved into each side.  The two pieces are then bound tightly together and molten silver or gold is poured through the hole at the top.  If there are any microscopic cracks, the tufa explodes when the metal is poured in and the process has to begin again.